Sunday, January 24, 2010

Local Flavor: Este Pizza

Last night hubby and I got together with my best friend, Angie, and headed out to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. We had a great time exploring and taking a peek at some really awesome creatures!

Afterward we were hungry and headed out to Este Pizza in Sugarhouse (or, as Angie calls it, "the Sugarhood"). It was billed as a New York style pizzeria, and came highly recommended by my brother and a few other people I spoke with.

First Impressions: Pretty cool vibe going on. Fun decor, including this painting that Ang and I really took a liking to. It certainly smelled delicious in there, and the Bob Dylan soundtrack won us over right away (though, sadly, it didn't last). We were lucky to snag our table -- the place filled up quickly after we sat down.

From our vantage point, you could watch the cooks in the back hand-toss the dough for the pizza with a lot of flair and finesse. Encouraging, to be sure.

We ordered the "Terra" pizza (without green olives) and waited for our order to be filled.

Then we waited some more.

And then we waited even more.

Nearly a full hour after we placed our order, the girl at the register came out with three plates and told us it would be a few minutes for our pizza. Gotta say, at that point I was not amused. But lo, a few minutes later we got our meal: a gigantic pie piled high with veggies.

The Dish: In a nutshell, not bad. Not worth waiting an hour to eat, but decent all the same. The mushrooms were obviously canned (yuck) and the crust was a little too done in places. I found it a little difficult to eat, since the crust was cardboard-like on the edges and floppy/soggy in the middle -- it wouldn't fold properly, like an East-coast slice should.

But really, not bad.

Ringing in at about $28 dollars for an 18" pizza and a couple of drinks, it was pretty average pizza for a bit more money than it was worth and much too much waiting around. That said, I would be willing to give Este another chance to live up to the hype. I think that we would have fared better with a simpler pie, like the "Pink" or the "White" with fewer moist veggies to weigh down the thin crust. I'm also dying to try their zeppole (Italian doughnuts) with agave nectar. (Mmmm!)

**UPDATE: P and I have ordered takeout from the downtown location twice since having visited their location in Sugarhouse. We have been really pleased with their quick service (seriously lightning-fast delivery) and overall quality. So far, the white pizza has been the favorite, and the zeppole were amazing!

So I'm not sure if it's the location or if we caught them on a bad night, but I can heartily recommend at least the takeout from Este downtown.

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  1. Plus they had apple beer in the fountain drinks! Can't beat that!


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