Friday, July 2, 2010

Table for one: a confession

I don't share too much of my personal life on this blog. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I don't.

So you may not know that I am currently cooking for one.

My husband left for a summer internship in Ireland almost a full month ago, and I have been trying to adjust to the many changes his absence brings: No one to fix the broken swamp cooler, having to pump my own gas and drive everywhere myself, coming home every night to an empty house, realizing that all the mess is mine and that no one is going to help me clean it up, and cooking for just little old me.

I think that's been the biggest change. I still itch to grab that second gallon of milk at the grocery store, I still grab two chicken breasts from the freezer and reach for the bigger frying pan. I still think twice about cooking something P might not like.

The changes not withstanding, I am enjoying having the freedom to cook whatever I like and not worry about starving my husband if I don't start dinner right when I get home. I'm exploring ideas I might have been to timid to try if I had an audience, and it's fun, in a way.

But it is also easy to fall into a rut and cook the same things over and over.

I still have another month more to do this, so I put the question to you guys:

What do you cook when you're cooking for one?


  1. ramen noodles if i want something hot, if not i just open up a can of sardines and cut up an onion

  2. I would have the same problems you're having if I had to cook for just myself for an extended period of time. I bake/cook food to share it, and I have significantly less motivation to make something creative and scruptious if I'm going to be the only one eating it. I usually just make what I'd normally make, and in the same quantity, and then just eat the left-overs for several days.


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