Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Ziplock Steam Bags

I love steamed veggies, particularly broccoli, but I hate to haul out my big pot with the steamer basket for a side dish that should be considerably simpler. Or maybe my big pot is otherwise occupied making pasta, etc. Either way, I was thinking there had to be some way to make steamed veggies like I could make on my stovetop without having to add extra water to the mix, thereby washing away many of the nutrients left intact by steaming.

One day I happened upon Ziploc "Zip 'n' Steam" bags at the grocery store, and I thought they looked like they might be worth a try (my distaste for the use of 'n' not withstanding -- really, is it so hard to just say "and"??). So I tried them.

It was love.

Just prep your veggies and stick them in the bag (along with some salt, if you like) and microwave them for the amount of time on the handy dandy chart on the bag. No need to add water, just seal and zap and you're in business.

I'm not getting paid by Ziploc to say these things (though I wouldn't object... and you're welcome for the free advertising and stuff, SC Johnson); This is a product I legitimately love and hope you will find helpful. So try them out and tell me what you think.

(I'll also mention that hubby and I washed and reused these several times each before sending them to the recycling bin. They are quite durable, so if you don't mind the little extra work involved in washing them, you can stretch your dollar even further by reusing them a few times.)

Do you have any handy items you use in the kitchen to make things quicker without sacrificing quality? Leave a comment!


  1. Do you find them hard to find at the store though? I wasn't originally washing my bags out, which makes sense after my sister told me that is what she was doing. But I always have a heck of a time trying to find them. And when I do I grab a couple of boxes just in case.

  2. We make ours last a long time, so it's been a while since I looked for them at our local store, but I haven't had trouble finding them in the past.

    If you're really motivated, you might try looking at buying them through an online retailer, like Amazon.

    I'm glad you like this product, too, even if you have trouble finding it consistently.


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