Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Local Flavor: Chow Truck

Due to the fact that I just had surgery and recently had a baby, I've been kicking back this summer and generally being lazy. This has given me the opportunity to get intimately reacquainted with the television.  For example, had I not been laid up, I might not have watched an entire season of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race.

Food trucks are such a fun trend! And I've been meaning to try Salt Lake City's own Chow Truck for quite some time. So when my mom suggested we make an outing this afternoon to give it a try, I was all for it.

Off we went, babe in tow, on a culinary adventure!

I got the Coconut Lemongrass Chicken Taco and Mom got the Spicy Beef Taco with Cilantro Chile Pesto. We split an order of the Asian Spiced Root Chips.

And I've got to tell you...

It was fantastic. The root chips were fun and out of the ordinary. The chicken was full of yummy-yet-subtle lemony/coconutty flavor, which was complemented nicely by the Asian slaw served on top. And, though I didn't taste it myself, my mom loved the spicy beef, which we were told is one of their best-sellers.

The verdict: If you're a SLC local (or happen to be in town for a spell) and interested in trying something new, seek out the Chow Truck.

Now that I've had a little taste of the food truck scene, I'm hungry for more. Anyone know of other local SLC food trucks? How about in other locales? Leave a comment about your favorite food truck fare!

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  1. Glad to head you had such a good experience. The torta truck is another food truck here in SLC. They make a weekly appearance at the Millcreek Market - I have had a few things and thought the salad I had was really yummy.


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