Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving house


So, do me a quick favor:

Click on my blog header.
Now back to me.
Now take a gander at your address bar.
Now BACK to me.
What do you see there?
It's my new URL --!

As my husband, the wee man cub and I are moving from Utah to Oregon this weekend, it seemed appropriate for my little blog to move house, too! So here we are, all settled. (I cannot tell you how much I wish physically moving house was this simple...)

If you want to update your bookmarks, please do! If you don't care, I'm told that my old URL should automatically redirect. (Please let me know if it doesn't! Though, come to think of it, if it doesn't redirect, you probably won't make it to this new site, and therefore won't see this post... So... yeah.)

Once we have our household unpacked, I hope to get back to posting more regularly. Man has it ever been a crazy year! I'm excited to get back on track!

See you soon, friends!



  1. Look at your funny opening spoof of the awesome Old Spice commercial.
    Now back to me.
    Now up at your new URL.
    Now BACK to me.

    I love you. Just wanted to say it. Hope the new city is treating you nicely, your old one misses you <3

    PS microwavable coffee mug brownies... I discovered their existence on Pinterest today, have you tried them? Know anything about them? They seem almost too good to be true!

  2. when i moved house i had to get plenty of self storage for all the stuff i had acculated, i guess it's easier to move websites than house?


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