Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chocolate Shots

I love traditions. I mean, I REALLY love traditions. I can get a little dogmatic about it sometimes -- just ask my mom.

For example, my family traditionally has cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning. One year, my mom decided to change it up. She spent, I don't even know how much time, procuring a special pan and making aebleskivers. I remember pitching an absolute fit. Looking back on it, I'm mortified to think I acted like such a spoiled brat! (Sorry, again, Mom!)

When I got married, I really should have come with a warning label about my dogged adherence to traditions. But so far, there have been very few fireworks between my husband and myself regarding holiday traditions. I've been eager to forge new ones with him, and I'm eager to see how they progress as our family grows.

One tradition my husband and I have around Christmas is Chocolate Shots. The day after Thanksgiving, we haul out the Christmas decorations, put up the tree, and end the day with Chocolate Shots.

You may not be familiar with this procedure, so let me walk you through it:

You start with hot chocolate. {We like to use the Cocomotion because it's awesome. :)}

Cocomotion in action!

HoCho, ready for business

Choose a wide-mouthed mug, if you have one available.

Next, you prep the cookies. We like to use Tim Tams, which are originally from Australia (but now widely available in the regular grocery store) -- in fact, this same technique is called a Tim Tam Slam, according to my husband's Australian buddy -- but any chocolate-covered cookie will do. Chocolate-covered Oreos (or Joe Joes, if you're lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's nearby) do nicely as well. (I think I was originally taught with Keebler Grasshopper cookies.) Pick a specimen without bare spots in the chocolate coating. You'll want complete coverage.

Take a two small bites out of the cookie, one on the top, and one on the bottom, or, in the case of the Tim Tam, one out of one corner on the top, and one out of the corner diagonal to it on the bottom. (See figure A.)

Figure A

Chocolate-covered Joe Joe! YUM!

Now, dip one bitten end of your cookie into the hot chocolate, so that the part with the bite out of it is completely submerged. Keep it in the hot cocoa, and put your mouth around the other bitten end. Treat it like a straw and suck the hot chocolate up through the cookie. When you feel the hot cocoa reach your tongue, quickly pop the whole cookie in your mouth.

What happens now is magic! The whole cookie literally disintegrates and melts in your mouth, because it's full of hot chocolate melty-ness. {Insert Hallelujah Chorus Here}

I really cannot describe the awesomeness, so you'll have to try it for yourself. Please say you will! You might just love it enough to make it one of your traditions as well!

I'd love to hear about your holiday traditions. Leave a comment!


  1. Oh my word! My best friend came back from new zealand and brought me a package of these or something similar, and told me to do the same thing. Changed my cookie-eating life! It really is magical! Your blog is wonderful! I've just pinned at least 5 of your recipes to make later!

    1. How kind of you to say! And thanks for the pins!


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