Sunday, October 28, 2012




How are ya?

I'm doing pretty well myself.
Pret-ty well.
Just sitting here eating leftover apple crisp for breakfast. (What? There's apples. AND oatmeal. Totally breakfast material.)

I just thought I'd get a little personal today and we could have a little chat, if you'd like. Maybe you want to know more about me, and I know I'd like to know more about you, Reader. dear. I'll share some apple crisp with you...

It has been a pretty unremarkable week around here. Sleep-deprived mommy. Tantrum-throwing toddler. Desire to eat a week's caloric intake in one sitting...
Still, here's a slice of the everyday.

Clockwise from top left: Thought I looked good, took a picture; Current porch decor (spoke too soon, that jack-o-lantern didn't make it. Sad face.); My little punkin' helper contemplating pumpkin guts; Mommy makes menu/grocery list, baby scribbles, and the villagers rejoice

Clockwise from top left: Baby's Corduroy costume is complete (too bad I suck at sewing and the overalls basically fall right off of him...) ; It's hot chocolate season!; Halloween treats from a friend (Yum!); Brycie is the pompom master. He rules the pompoms with an iron fist and plastic-container crown.

Topping my foodie list this week:
These mini pumpkin pies have me all aflutter. Is it Thanksgiving yet?
Loving this Chili with Cornbread Waffles as an option for Halloween dinner. Yum!
Anyone know where I can get some cacao nibs? I NEED them for this scrumptious-looking snack!
I've been hankering over this Fall Vegetarian Pot Pie -- made my own version adding a handful of cooked lentils and using frozen puff pastry for the crust and it was to. die. for.

If you're looking for more foodie (and other) inspiration, follow me on Pinterest!

So, leave me a comment, okay? Let's be friends! What are you foodie crushing on? Any fun Halloween plans? Lay it on me.

Meanwhile, if you need me I'll be dream-shopping on Joss & Main. I'm a little obsessed.

PS: New recipe coming Tuesday. Get happy!


  1. Top of my foodie list this week: my pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes topped with glazed pecans (no need for icing)
    Also cabbage soup with chicken *kinda like chicken noodle soup minus noodles*
    Ooo, and probably my fave...homemade salsa and guacamole for Cafe Rio inspired tortilla soup..mmmmmmmm! Hurricane Sandy is hitting this side of the US so it will be raining all week, which means I will be working out more because I will be baking/eating more. Probably should make sure I have a lot of green smoothie on hand so I get full on that first. ;)

    1. Oo-hoo! Send one of those cupcakes my way! They sound amazing. Stay safe from the Frankenstorm!


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