Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Hanging Pot Rack

So, I love our new house, and the kitchen is awesome. My favorite part is the awesome pantry -- something I have always coveted.

But even with all that storage space, I still struggle with my pots and pans. They drive both me and my hubby completely crazy! My husband gently suggested the other night that we do something to correct this issue, since "they obviously frustrate you". Immediately the image of me muttering curses under my breath while clanging the pots around to find the lid I was looking for spring to mind.

So I'm looking for solutions.

Hubby suggested a hanging pot rack, and I'm game to give it a try.
Do you have one? Do you like it?
What's your solution for pot organization?

I am all ears.

In other news, tomorrow is the last day to enter my little giveaway. So get on it!

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