Welcome to P B and J Eats! Let's get everyone introduced, shall we?

 The P:

He's ridiculously smart and probably my favorite human ever. It's true love, my friends. His favorite foods include pork in many, many different ways, cold cereal, and his mom's apple jelly.

 The B:

This crazy goofball is my firstborn little lovey. He gives the very best hugs, and asks more questions than the human brain can process on a daily basis. His favorite foods include lollypops, spaghetti with meat sauce, extra Parmesan, pancakes (shaped like Mickey Mouse, please), and "dirt" pudding -- with gummy worms.

 The J:

This baby. He is a cherub. He loves to empty all the things and throw stuff. And he gives the sweetest kisses, but mostly to his big brother. His favorite foods include chicken, string cheese, apples, and anything he can scour off the floor from a previous meal. This kid is practically a vacuum, and always hungry.

About Me
Hi! I'm Kristyn. I cook the food and take the pictures. I am a stay-at-home mommy to one precocious preschooler and a busy baby. I'm a happy housewife just singin' and cooking in the Portland rain. I like to read good books, watch old movies, hunt for vintage bargains at thrift stores, and kick butt at board games.

My favorite foods include: brownies, the teeny tiny pancakes that get made accidentally when you drip batter on the griddle, chocolate-covered anything and everything, chili with a side of cornbread, pasta pasta pasta, a good turkey sandwich (and if it has bacon, so much the better), perfectly over-medium fried eggs, and ice cream, always ice cream.

 I would love to hear from you -- requests and comments make my day! You can contact me at If you like the recipes posted here, and would like to use them on your own site, please do! Just be sure to give me credit and a link back here if you do. Kindly ask permission to use any photos by emailing me. (I'm likely to say yes, provided you give me credit and, again, a link back.) Thanks! Feedback on site functionality is always much appreciated. Please be not afraid to let me know if something on the site isn't working correctly.

About P B and J Eats
P B and J Eats is a small but growing blog featuring easy-to-follow recipes, and kitchen tips & tricks, all with minimal fuss because, well, who likes fuss? What you'll find here: Yummy things to cook and eat that I make in my humble home kitchen-- some of it complicated and some not (but most of it easy because I'm lazy like that), lots of baking, ideas that make life easier, and weekly meal planning.

Mumbo Jumbo
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  1. Your blog is so cute, and of course everything looks delicious! It makes me hungry!

    1. Thanks, Megs! My blog makes me hungry, too!
      Oh wait. I'm always hungry.

  2. This is exciting! Love the new look. We're always happy to share our apple jelly with "The P, B, J and K" :)

    1. And we are always happy to receive it!
      Thanks for checking out the new site and leaving a comment!

  3. Love the new look and all the peeps on this page!


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